Work With Victims/Survivors

you are not aloneThere are many ways to become involved at New Beginnings; however, many people are drawn to the agency because they are interested in being able to interact with and assist the clients we serve. New Beginnings is always looking for assistance providing crucial services to victims/ survivors of domestic, sexual, and stalking violence.

Direct service volunteer opportunities may include: staffing the 24-hour crisis support line, accompanying victims to the hospital and police station, advocating for and supporting victims at court, or helping to facilitate support groups.

Interested persons should complete our volunteer application.

If you would like a hard copy please contact us in the office, (603) 528-6511, and ask for Eliza.

If it seems that someone is a good fit for the agency New Beginnings asks that you then complete our 40-hour training. This training is taken by all staff and volunteers looking to work directly with clients. It includes information on: domestic, sexual, and stalking violence; the agency and movement history; crisis intervention; diversity/inclusion; criminal laws; legal advocacy; working with the police; hospital response training, and other topics that are critical to beginning work with victims/survivors.

Our Next Training Will Be Held: January 29th-February 8th 

Most volunteers begin their service by taking 12-hour shifts on the crisis line. It is requested that volunteers be able to take 3-4 shifts a month, and commit for a minimum of one year. Volunteer crisis line advocates provide non-judgmental support, information, and options to those experiencing or directly impacted by domestic, sexual, and stalking violence. Crisis line volunteers are also trained to accompany victims to the hospital and police station.

Volunteers hoping to become further involved in work with victims/survivors are asked to complete advanced trainings, detailing for example: court advocacy or support group facilitation.

Some volunteers prefer not to work with clients, but want to do something to help. These individuals may not need to complete the entire 40-hour training. Explore other ways to get involved on the website, or by giving the office a call. (603) 528-6511