Support Groups

Like all services provided by New Beginnings, support groups are confidential and free of charge.  Our groups are trauma-informed and resilience-based. Our approach honors each individual’s life experience, encourages them to find answers in their own time, and acknowledges the power in sharing your experiences.

Groups are customizable and responsive to the needs of our community.  If you do not see a group that meets your needs or the needs of your organization, please contact the office and we’ll be happy to work with you in tailoring a group to your needs. When groups are not available or do not fit your schedule, advocates can also meet with you on a one-to-one basis.  For more information, or to register, contact New Beginnings at (603)528-6511.

Current Group Offerings Include:

Resilient Moms, Resilient Kids 

momandchild Contact: Devan
A support group offered for non-offending parents and their children, the Changing Patterns, Changing Lives group meets weekly and includes some off-site field trips. The parent group focuses on pattern changing, nurturing parenting skills, and financial literacy. At the end of each session, parents and children come together to cook a healthy meal.

Pattern Changing
Contact: Paula (daytime group)
Pattern changing works with women to help them understand the problem of abuse and its realities for the entire family, to become aware of their lifelong patterns, to set realistic goals, and adapting techniques for developing patterns of their own choosing.  It is held weekly.

Aspiring Leaders
Contact: any staffteen group art
This group is for girls ages 13-18 who have been exposed to violence in their homes or communities.  The group focuses on empowering teen girls to become active young leaders in our community. A wide array of activities take place including arts and crafts for channeling creativity, hikes around the Lakes Region, yoga, movie screenings, and more!

Girls Circle
Contact: Kitty
New Beginnings offers Girls Circle, a national, research-based program, to schools and other teen organizations. We provide the Girls Circle trained facilitator and curriculum and your school or agency provides the participants and the meeting space.  Groups can be run with girls who have experienced violence and abuse, girls identified as “at risk,” or girls who simply want to make meaningful connections with other girls.  Topics can include: healthy and unhealthy relationships and friendships, bullying, body image and self-esteem, self-care, media literacy, and diversity.

kids groupChild Victims Support Group
Contact: Devan
A support group for children who have witnessed or been victims of sexual or domestic violence. The group will focus on identifying emotions, learning trust, and building teamwork skills in a safe and supportive environment. This group will not discuss individual victimizations, but any child may request individual appointments with an advocate to talk privately about those experiences.

Healthy Healing
Contact: Devan
A support group for women who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. The group is meant to focus on facilitating personal resiliency, building authentic self-esteem, and finding one’s voice in the world.